Still having issues, need suggestions, help or Im going to sell it

New R4F motor, new R4F controller, New contractor, new batteries.

Turn on key in ignition, gauge shows 1 red bar, test with amp meter 74.2V at BMS all batteries are new and good.

Drive for a mile or so in our neighborhood (pretty hilly def not flat) seems ok, then start slowing motor gets very hot, occasionally the charge indicator lights flashed but now primarily stayed on one red bar.

Made about 2.5 miles. Batteries were at 72.2 at the end of the drive but it will barley move now. I am not sure the controller made any difference even though the old one tested bad.

I am going nuts. If I cant fix it soon, it will be on the market. I am sure its something stupid I am missing but at this point I need a “Get in and Go”

I would ship it to someone that could fix it…

I need any suggestions or an offer.

Here is what I have in it;
2009 E4 6 inch lift
custom metal rear spat with basket (lift and rear spat 3500)
Original rear spat included
Hard doors included
New R4F 7.5 motor, has less than 6 miles on it 750.00
New R4F controller 2.5 miles 520
New Contactor 100.00
New DEKKA GEL Batteries 6 miles 3 months old 1400.00
Huge Vampire wheels with new tires 750.00

email me for pictures

I am in Austin TX.

This has been said before but it bit me, check all you brakes for drag. I swore I had a bad motor or gearbox but it was my rear brake dragging. When everything has cold all worked well, as I drove the brake would heat up and drag more and more to the point that if I came to a full stop, I could not move forward again.

It has sat a while so I will double check them as it may effect the overall drive ability and motor getting hot but this does not address the electrical issue and that is the main problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hmmm Fully charged battery pack is 76 volts. You may have a dud even they are new, Not fully charging is an indication of that. Do a brake load test. hook your meter to 1 battery. Hold the brake and bury the throttle for 2 seconds. Repeat on the rest. The dud will show up. Let us know how you make out.