Stereo Install diode

Hello folks,

What diode do you use for the stereo install for the memory/battery wire?
Diagram shows 5A, but can you use a 1A instead?


Did you mean fuse?

Memory only requires 1 amp. Radio is usually 5

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;24167]Did you mean fuse?

Memory only requires 1 amp. Radio is usually 5[/quote]

No not fuse. In the wiring schematic from GEM for stereo install there is a 5AMP diode between the circuit board yellow wire and the positive of memory battery. Does this diode have to be 5AMP to prevent current from damaging the circuit board? If i install a 1AMP it will blow the diode by using the radio normally correct?

Also I am not using 2 speakers as designed in the wiring diagram. I am using 4 speakers with the ratings below. Does my diode amperage change?

Impedance (Per Voice Coil) 4 ohms
Power Handling:
Peak: 140 watts
RMS: 65 watts

Thanks for all your comments. I am sure there are others as well with same or similar questions.’

A 5 amp diode is only 2 bucks, whats the concern?

Thanks Houseboater, I decided to put a in-line fuse and not use a diode because I am not using an external battery.

I hooked up the constant Batt 12V+ to spade#6 on the e2 2009 panel. Spade #6 was powering the 12V outlet socket (cigar), so I tapped into this. I used a 10A new fuse on the fuse block labeled “accessory” to be able to use spade#3 as my ACC wire for the car stereo. Works perfectly and my memory functions great. Small mA draw from 6 batteries wont hurt right off the constant 12V+ for memory presets. Its better than using a 9V battery or small 12V battery on top of the brake pedal area.

GEM Wiring diagram for car stereo is for the old models and not the new models. New models do not have J7 J8 J9.