Spindle castle nut

How tight should this be?

Tighten it until you hear a crack, then back it off a 1/2 turn.

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I’m not exactly sure what this means

Machinist / engineer humor.

00-10 used castle nuts and are listed at 74 ft-lbs spec.

I don’t have manuals for 11-12.

'13 shows a different design retaining nut and lists 165 ft-lb.

No idea what they did after that.

In plan words…crank it tight…thanks

74 ft-lb is kind of at the low end of automotive lug nut torque to put it in perspective.

The problem with overtightening anything on a gem is that something often tends to break when you do.

If you are near a Harbor Freight, you can get a mediocre grade torque wrench for $12 w/ coupon. I’d never use it for precision work, but for probably anything on a GEM it’s likely fine.