Specifications of the Columbia Mega Van LSV/NEV

Many people may be surprised to learn that the Columbia Mega Van LSV/NEV is available because to all intents and purposes this is a highly efficient, electrically powered van which will allow you to transport contents in a very secure manner. Again, in line with the vast majority of Columbia neighbourhood vehicles, the maximum speed for this particular model is 25 mph - more than enough to get you around your local area!

The features of this particular model include an aluminium chassis, built-in charger, impact resistant body panels, safety belts, single point battery watering system as well as front and rear steel bumpers. One thing is for certain, safety is still most paramount in the minds of neighbourhood electric vehicle manufacturers and this is no different with the Columbia Mega Van LSV/NEV.

We are most certainly seeing a crossover between domestic neighbourhood electric vehicles and those of a more commercial nature which can be used on large developments.