Specifications of the Columbia Summit SM2 NEV

The Columbia Summit SM2 NEV is one of those vehicles which is perfect for neighbourhood transport and the fact that it has been approved as “road ready” by the US authorities add to the value. While it is designed with the road in mind it can also accommodate various terrains and with a top speed of around 25 mph it is a very useful way of getting from A to B.

The Columbia Summit NEV range offers hydraulic brakes, pure electric power, on-board charger as well as a lifetime frame warranty. So, whether you are looking to drive to the golf course, perhaps you only work around the corner or you need to visit the shops for supplies, this two seater Columbia Summit SM2 NEV is just perfect.

A glimpse at the Columbia Summit SM2 NEV will show a minimal, very basic design which incorporates the latest electric power technology and is perfect for short journeys.