Specifications of the Columbia Mega Tilt Bed LSV/NEV

The Columbia Mega Tilt Bed LSV/NEV is a major development for the company and improves and increases the range of products available both to the domestic marketplace and the commercial environment. This tilt bed vehicle is highly efficient on fuel, able to carry large loads and due to the tilting mechanism is very easy to empty. The vehicle also has a top speed of 25 mph which is more than enough to get you around campus and large developments while ensuring safety is paramount.

The chassis for the Columbia Mega Tilt Bed LSV/NEV is made from aluminium which is safe, light and just perfect for the electric vehicle market. It also has front and rear steel bumpers, impact resistant body panels together with a single point battery watering system. As governments around the world continue to encourage businesses and the general public to embrace electric technology there is no doubt that we will see more of these in the commercial marketplace in the years ahead.

While obviously targeted towards the commercial market they will also prove to be very useful for domestic use where you may have large loads to carry which are difficult to empty by hand.