Scooter lithium conversion

Converted a 36v 3-wheel, a 24v mobility 4-wheel previous. Today I did one of my Schwinn e-scooters.

No testing yet except to run on bench and test stock charger.
Used 10s 12ah LTO pack. Built it from two damaged 6-packs that I couldn’t give away.

LTO max at 2.8v.
Stock charger marked 27.7v.
At 2.77 volts per cell, a balanced pack should be perfect.

This will be the first one not over-voltaged. I’ll find out how a 24v LTO pack works for 24v app.

Min. volt on these will be 15.

I just found another full box of 8s packs. Factory welded tabs and bms/monitor harness.

If someone want to play with small lithium pack, I also have matching single cells. 1 pcs 8-pack and 2 pcs singles for < $75.