Schott Charger


I picked up a 1999 4 seater Gem. Got it all registered and new batteries yesterday. It works great… except for charging the batteries.

I know, I can buy a new charger and everything will be wonderful… but I don’t want to put more money into it just yet. I have a battsix coming so I can keep track of the batteries better… but hear me out.

The schott charger doesn’t do anything when I plug in the land line. I can check the voltage on top of the controller and it reads the same… ~72v.

If I turn the battery service disconnect under the seat to off, the schott charger starts to make some little noises. The voltage on top of the controller now starts to read ~83v, then ~93v… Catch is the battery loop is broken at the disconnect, so it doesn’t seem to charge the batteries.

I can reconnect the battery switch, and the Schott charger “turns off” (no more noises, voltage on top of controller drops back to 72v) I can trip the disconnect again and the Schott “turns on” again (little noises, voltage on top of controller rises to 90-something volts)

When the Schott charger is on, it does seem to cycle every so often.

Anyone know how it is supposed to work? I don’t really want to replace something that isn’t “broken” right now.

Gem is a 1999.

Have you used a multimeter with a clamp on ammeter to see if current is flowing?

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Still have it? I’m in need of one.