Saturn's speedometer now doesn't work

Here’s my problem. I have a 94 Saturn that I’ve recently converted to electric. It is running but my speedometer and odometer aren’t working. They were working perfectly with the gas engine but now there is nothing, however, the warning lights work and the instrument cluster is illuminated with the headlights on.

I have read in a forum that there is a “little brown ground wire” that is a ground to the engine block that solves the problem. I have looked in my Haynes manual and at the wires under the hood and I could not find anything that looked like this “little brown wire.”

My car is a 94 Saturn SC2 coupe, 5 speed. I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have that will get my speedometer working.

Thanks for the help.

I hope you didn’t cut the wiring harness. There are three small grounds that are in the main wiring harness, two of them have small eyelets and one has a large eyelet. You need to connect the large one to your transmission with the main ground wire at the top front engine to transmission stud. If the VSS is connected to your transmission the speedo should work but the ground needs to be connected. All the other functions will work if it is not. So it sounds correct that you need to connect the ground.

Well, I found the answer.

The Powertrain Control Module has 3 fuses that protect it. I had one fuse missing. When I installed the fuse. Everything worked OK.

PS I discovered that my top speed is 60mph and I can go at least 25 miles on a charge.

Thanks for your help.