Rookie EV owner

I just wanted to say Hi to members and let them know I hope I can make a contribution to the movement going forward.
My initial goal is to help increase the 24/7 charging network in areas where there are little charging opportunities.

Hi Ideane

First of welcome to the forum.

I think one of the last remaining stumbling blocks for the EV industry is drivers having confidence that their batteries will give them enough journey capacity or at worst they will be able to recharge mid-journey.




Thank you for your welcome.

Last night I read with intrest that Tesla may be getting ready to make their pitch for mass marketing an EV.

After they debut the Model X to buyers I understand they will work on a model with a more accessible price point say $35-$40 K. It probably isn’t a coinsidence that they plan to introduce it at he same time that they plan on having the supercharger rolled out in the US.

I believe the next thing that needs to happen is a meeting of the EV minds on a charging protocal; otherwise we will have a devided community.

As a Tesla owner I have a bias but because their network does not extend to my area I am grateful for the J standard network we currently have in Canada.