Ride 4 fun charger reprogram

Hello, we have a ride 4 fun supercharger and were wondering if there are any options to getting it reprogrammed to lithium ion. Having ride 4 fun do it is pretty expensive and flight systems and Elcon say they don’t reprogram them. Does anyone know of any options or is that the only way? Any help would be very appreciated.

It is my understanding that they come programmed for 24s LFP.

Thank you for replying, I had contacted ride 4 fun earlier and they said the charger is not compatible with lithium unless reprogrammed. Do you know if the charger would still be compatible with the batteries or if reprogramming is something others beside ride 4 fun can do? Please excuse my ignorance, i’m still kind of new to gems. Thank you for your help.

R4F sells chargers. He told me that they have a lithium setting. You can always put it back.
If you get battery from one of us, we will help you through it. R4F doesn’t do lithium, so they dare not give you the go ahead.
I have conflicting information so try it and see.


R$F supercharger is really just a rebranded QuickCharge SCO-7210.

Here is a link to all the info, manuals, specs, a centerfold and the discussion on the lithium setting

Thank you for the information i’ll definitely give it a try. You guys in the forum are super supportive. Thanks again for all your help.

Thank you for this information, i’ve been reading through the topic you shared and have been learning a lot. I’ve heard of quick chargers but didn’t know they were the same as ride4fun. Thank you so much for your help.


There are “quick chargers” which could just be the generic name for any fast charger, and there is “QuickCharge” (corporation) who makes chargers and sells rebranded ones to R$F.

It’s kind of like “Q-tips”…