RGB Light Bar & Light pods

This is the start of a Lightbar & Light pod install on a Gem car the Family uses. My 9 year old nephew loves Cop cars & Fire trucks, so I found a light bar combo that has a Halo of multi color lights that flash and do a bunch of crazy stuff.

This car is used only in a gated community so pretty much anything go’s as far as lights ect, no one is getting a ticket or fine for running colord lights. Here is a link to a video I made of what the light bar and pods can do.


Well I just installed the Hood back on the car and the Nephew went crazy. He took off with his dad for a ride b4 I could snap some picks. He was/is super stoked!!! :slight_smile: Ahhhh the simple joys of being a kid!


Nice ‘engineering’ for the pod mounts. What did you use for a power source ?
Where did you get the lights?

Where’re the links to the bar and lights?

I think I found them:

Link removed -as it was wrong

^^^^No that’s not the right one^^^
Sorry I wouldnt want anyone to Oder the incorrect one, so that’s why I put it in bold.

That light bar in the link above is a 20 inch bar, you need the 32 inch curved bar. here is the correct link

Nicoko 32 Inch 180w Curved Led… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6DOQ3F?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Spakee: I removed the Stock headlights. I simply tapped into the Gem cars stock power source that powers the headlights on Low beam. Pretty sure the wire was Purple/Black. You just cut the wires that would normally go to the cars headlights and use that 12v source for your new lights It’s more then enough power to feed the new LED pucks. I think they only draw 3 amps.

Hey Grant. If ya really wanna see your nephew smile even bigger install one of these.

You can download and install any MP3 sound or music. I’ve got the sound The Jetsons car makes on mine. I had too many, “your car looks like the Jetsons car” comments so I pulled the trigger and bought one…

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I think what you meant to say is “Grant if you really wanna piss off your neighbors install this on your gem car and give the on/off button to the nephew” LOL LOL thanks for the idea but no thanks. I could see that option becoming a problem in the hood. :slight_smile:

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