Read the Ford Mac C Max Energi Hybrid Here

When we decided to take the family second car then stopped as the criteria in the following

  1. Displacement is not less than 2.0 liters.
  2. Box only mechanics, well, I do not like the car with a gun. I went on different, but still Neto. Even the wife against the machine, but it is IMHO
  3. The machine should be great for long trips on the highway.

Originally I wanted to take Toyota LC 80, but at the time of purchase they did not exist in the market and in the ads.
many options have been examined on the used machinery market. We stopped at the Renault Scenic (Renault Scenic) 1,6 diesel.

But since not been able to agree with the owner at the price, then again we began to look at the ads drome. Accidentally C-max drew attention, first because the diesel and 2.0 liters. Phoned, saw machine, agreed and here it is now ours.
At the time of purchase, he had 120,000 kilometers and 4.5 years of life. The former owner just changed the oil and filter. Everything else was a native plant.
About the car.
Ford C-max 2,0 TDCi, engine Duratorq. Mechanics box 6-speed. Options Ghia with a winter kit, namely the heating of the windshield, just, and engine heating, it is PPP. Machine assembled in Germany in late 2007.
Machine after restyling looks very brutal. Once it has processed liquid rubber has been the case. I was standing in the parking lot is not next to the machine and to the side. Near parked BMW X6. Here comes the owner of this BMW and stood in front of the machines for a while staring at the car. His friend, who was with him, asking what they say you are. To which he replied. Here are two cars, one for 3 Leman, and the second and the 1st is not necessary, but it looks more severe. In comparison, BMW kid looks.

When the car took all the familiar saying what they say take diesel problems will not be gathered in the cabin will stink of diesel fuel. Yes winter continuous problems with the launch.
It took 1.5 years as a machine for me, running has 170,000 What was done in the car.

  1. Change all the shock absorbers, rear changed to 130 t. Km, but they were still alive, died on the front 140 m away. For our roads is a very good result.
  2. 165 t. Km has changed all silent blocks on the rear axle, and they are there 14 pieces. Special discomfort was not, but the next time you visit stations, oil change, the master said that it would be necessary to change them. When replacing it turned out that some of them really need to be changed. Plus, it has changed the rear springs. When parsing the rear suspension proved that they burst, cut off one turn each.
  3. At 165 m away. I changed the rear silent blocks of the lower arm front axle. Just changed the stabilizer, it was too loud for them bryakali.
  4. On the right lever 2 times changed a spherical support. On the left is my own and is not going to die.
  5. The problems began with a rheostat stove in the cold oven fails to work. Rheostat bought forward to warming. to change.

Look like that’s it. And since an oil change every 10 m away. Replacement of fuel every 20 m away. Replacing the cabin and the air filter as needed.
Separately say about the cabin filter, but rather about his replacement procedure.
More awkward filter arrangement have not yet seen. Not only that, when it is necessary to remove the replacement of the gas pedal, so it is still well, very uncomfortable.

I would also like to pay attention to the engine, ie, diesel.
Any problems in operation and peculiarities.
Yes, the engine is running noisier than gasoline.
Yes, more fastidious fuel, but if you fill up only on proven gas stations, and the problems with the fuel there.
There are not large Hemorrhoids during fuel filter replacement. After the change is necessary to completely fill the fuel line fuel otherwise the machine will not start. To fill the need to have additional tools in the form of pear. To get rid of these dances with a tambourine, I bought a hand-pump supplying fuel from KAMAZ. And the problems do not exist.
For winter operation needs a good battery, otherwise zavedesh. Since its first use a stand-alone engine heater, and then, and the engine itself, but it needs a lot to run.
At work, the Rangers used Fords, so they run for 300 tons km., In the engine in general nobody looked. A car operated on deposits in any weather. And it’s about saying something.

Impressions of the diesel engine is only positive. Mad thrust from the very beginning to the very top.
For overtaking on the track it is not necessary to disperse the car, just push the gas pedal and the car fires. And no matter what speed it was previously. As the highway in Kazakhstan decided to check, and the limit where. There’s speed limit of 150 km / h, to be honest car is 200 km / h and it is not shaking at this speed, the cabin is not bryakaet nothing, and goes smoothly and confidently. C-max was designed for speed on the track the car is fully revealed.
The road keeps amazing. As the winter went to Tobolsk home. It was quiet in the evening meal and feel that the car is a little twitch the right side, then left on the odometer speed of 110 km / h. I decided to stop to see what was going on. It turned out that the road is solid ice. And it worked because the system of exchange rate stabilization.

The only thing that upset, because this low landing machine. But it trimmed spacers. Put on FF2, stood as a family, the car lifted and now almost no where cling protection. On roads where previously hitched now I pass safely.

In general, the machine satisfied, absolutely do not regret the purchase. Selling a car in the next two or three years is not going to if not what some excesses.
It seems to be write all what I thought at the car, remember that if the add.