Review of the G-Wiz

Specifications of the G-Wiz

The current range of the G-Wiz is around 50 miles per battery charge and the vehicle itself has a top speed of up to 50 mph. While this is relatively slow compared to the vast majority of cars available today it is still fairly impressive when you bear in mind the limited power output from the engine. There is also the fact that many of the more urbanised areas of the world have relatively low speed limits such as London where the average speed limit is around 40 mph within the confines of the capital.

The vehicle itself consists of eight, six volt lead acid batteries which are fairly basic when compared to the lithium ion batteries now commonplace. Passenger space for the three different variations of the G-Wiz is very similar with the ability to accommodate two adults in the front and two children in the back – although it has to be said there is not an awful lot of room in the back. It is also worth pointing out at this moment in time that safety elements of this particular car have improved dramatically since the initial offering and this is an area which has been well received by the general public…

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