Telling the difference

Hi I am looking to buy a g wiz but I want to know how to tell the difference between the ac and dc models when going to look at one.

Thank you.

The G WIZ is out of print and has been replaced by the Mahindra e2o.

AC G WIZ were conversions and are apparently a scarce item. You may have to buy a DC model and have it upgraded. AC units seem to have better acceleration. But DC models have proven adequate for most owners for a long time


I was just worried with the dc model due to the crash reports.

IMHO: Doesn.t matter much, Your in a small box with limited mobility. If Big Bad Truck/Lorry runs over you your dead.

Avoidance and luck on your part is the only way you will survive. I have a GEM 4 seat. I feel more vulnerable in it than I did on my Honda Motor Cycle.

In a standard car if a lorry hits you you are dead but I would at least like to survive getting hit by a car. I am used to driving electric wheelchairs and disability scooters on the road and I just want more protection for if I get hit by a car.

Go for it.

Best of luck.


It is sometime in between now and may next year that I will be getting one as it will be my first car!