Rear Hub Bearings

Hey anyone have the part numbers or a EBay link to Replacment Hub Bearings.
The car is a 2014. But correct me if I’m wrong the rear hubs are all the same from 2002 till 2015 at least I thought they were

44 x 72 x 33.1, Part 3514699

Well it looks like the Rear Hubs on a 2013-2015 are Different then the rest of the classic Gems.

I would bet you could Convert the rear hubs to the classic style if you were in a Jam. But turns out a dealer has a rear hub assembly in stock

E6 limo Thanks for the Part # I knew the front hubs and pretty much everything up front is unique to a 2013-2015 my question was about the rear. Thanks for looking.

Sorry about that… didnt read that part

Hey no problem I appreciate the reply thank you

I have the bearings you need. One set (2 bearings) for $50 plus shipping.