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According to some news reports, Mitsubishi is pulling out of the electric car market. Is this a portent to the second demise of the electric car?

There seem to be rumours and counter rumours regarding Mitsubishi’s dedication to the electric vehicle market. On one hand we see rumours that the company is about to pull out of the market while on the other we see the release of new vehicles of an electric/hybrid nature.

The truth is that the company has invested a significant amount of money into the electric vehicle market and it is far too soon to even contemplate a pullout. Whether or not we see a slowdown or a reduction in investment in the short term remains to be seen because there is no doubt that the worldwide economy is having an impact upon the industry.

Seems unlikely, unless by pulling out of electric vehicles they mean pure 100% electric vehicles.

Their recently released Outlander PHEV has been selling like hotcakes in Japan and the Netherlands (the only 2 countries it is currently available in).

I have a 2012 MIEV. They are now selling 2013 models. Looks lie they are staying with electric. Here in Florida, I was able to lease my 2012 for 169/month with nothing den and first month free. At that price, I couldn’t go wrong even if they did discontinue electrics. I feel that the battery technology and charging systems will be upgraded in the next 2 years…

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I dont think all of the speculation in the press about car companies pulling out of the industry does the sector any favours. Surely the car companies should be coming out and confirming their positions when this kind of comment appears?


Mitsubshi has stated they will not continue production of pure electric vehicles. The MIEV will go bye bye. They will concentrate on the PHEV. I do have 2 MIEV on lease. Kinda glad it’s a lease and not a purchase. Never the less, my wife and I are very happy with our MIEVs for local driving. Whe have 2 other gassers for longer trips.

I think the idea of manufacturing a pure EV, selling it to consumers and then discontinuing it shortly afterwards will upset many people. Those who bought the vehicle are likely to have little backup or support in the future.

I just recently took a test drive in an all electric car the “Mitsubishi i MiEV.” I was impressed. The acceleration beat my four cylinder gasoline car. I took up to 65 miles per hour with no issues on the highway. I am presently spending about $1,550 on gasoline to get to work and back every year.

If I could find a decent leasing option that could also be an opening for me to own an all electric car. I need to be able to put at least 12,000 miles per year on the car. The dealership wanted $4,000 up front and $300 a month for a lease. That was just too much money. The most I could spend is about $225 per month on a lease that would not require a load of money up front. I live in Utah.

Anyone know of any great deals on leases for the Mitsubishi i MiEV in Utah?