Problem with e825

I just purchased a 2001 e825. The only issue I have with the vehicle is when I come to a complete stop and then hit the accelerator pedal the car will not move. If I turn the key off and then turn it back on again the car will operate normally. This doesn’t happen every time bu on occasion. Any ideas on how to trace this down.

what error code is displayed when this happens?

I didnt see an error code. I will watch for one the next tine it occurs

I took it for a ride and it gave me a error code of 27 and my battery percentage dropped form 80 to 65%

27 = 12volt buss too low. your batteries are probably history. At least one or two of them probably has bad cells.

Check all the connections for “Bright and Tight”. Check the batteries with hydrometer and volt meter.

I found one battery that is showing 11 volts. The terminals are corroded. I am cleanung them and charging that battery separately

What kind of batteries - flooded - gel - brand - model - AGE

That battery probably has dead cell/s

It has Duracell deep cycle . It is a sealed battery and is 1 year old

What model # They come in many different capabilities,

A 1 year old Duracell should not show compromised connection no matter haw bad the maintenance, Clean the rest of the connections while you wait for the defective unit to charge.

NOTE: It’s possible to have a dud in a recent set of batteries but not likely. DuraCell is a high quality brand. How confident are you in the age?

I have the receipt when the batteries where purchased. They have an 18 month warranty

Still looking for the model number - should be on the lable, Example - 31DTAGM

Your in clover if you have receipt. Try to warrenty the whole set if your repair doesn’t work out.

Good luck


Model is 31DTMAGM

Marine Deep Cycle 105 amp hour battery. AGM Absorbed Glass Mat. Not a true Golf Cart battery but used by many owners because cost is reasonable, Made by East Penn My favorite battery Manufacturer. Usually very reliable. Not a bad choice for flat running areas, If you have the original Zivan Charger it should be set on the Gel algorithm. Zivan didn’t have an AGM algorithm back then, If you use the flooded setting on an AGM it can dry em up.

Since it’s under a year old you might get away with replacing just one, Did it come from Sams Club? They are pretty good on warrenty returns.

If you want to do a performance check on the rest of the units: Connect your volt meter to ONE at a time and do a full throttle start, NOTICE the dip. This test will identify a weak battery if any exist.

There are from SAMs club. I just purchased this car. Not sure which charger is in car. The charger is under the dash correct? How do I make sure it’s on a gel setting?

Full charge when the charger completes it wont be over 14 .4 volts per cell. Floodeds can exceed 15.5+ volts HOWEVER: you can call Zivan with the serial# and they can tell you. If the rest of your batteries are in good shape it’s probably right,

Zivan can update your charger and make it automatic. (turn on every 2 weeks when car is unattended)

Thank you for your help