Number of batteries in E825

A relative has a Gem Car E825, pretty sure it’s a 2002, that stopped running about a year ago, so the car has been sitting in storage since then. Car was checked out a few months ago and was found to be in working order except for all the dead batteries. We recently got access to the car and found there are only 4-12 volt batteries under the seat.
From reading all the info here, it appears there should be a total of 72 volts, yet these four batteries would total 48. Does this mean someone made adjustments to the engine, charger, etc. or are we not finding batteries that are elsewhere in the car? As it is/was, the car ran fine for 3 years…relatives didn’t realize the batteries needed water added.
Any guidance is appreciated!

There are 2 more under the hood.

Thanks for the reply. We took another look at the vehicle today and had a ‘duh’ moment when my son asked if there could be any batteries under the hood. We didn’t think anything was under the hood!
Off to buy new batteries tomorrow…

the E825 is it a 2 or 4 seat car… if two seat it very well could be a 48v… look at the VIN, the 7th number is the voltage… 3=36v… 4=48v 7=72v the 10th number is the year w=1998… x=1999… y=2000 1 thru 10 are 2001-2010… not sure when Polaris changed the VIN but sometime after 2011


Thanks for the info Bob. The dead batteries in the car were Gem 31 and there were six in the car (after we looked under the hood and found 2 more…all 12 volt).

you’re welcome… you need to recharge each battery separately… if they all don’t take a charge and are at least 13.2v… in my opinion you should replace all of them… your car’ batteries operate as a pack if the pack is not strong the car will not run as it should… I’m a big fan of a battery management system and suggest you think about the Battsix… it’s being auctioned… there are a couple being sold… I like the one that shows each battery… not sure what the bid is now but it’s well worth the buy it now of $199, there is another that just reads the pack for less money… as long as you have happy batteries you’ll be happy with the car… trust me


By 2002, all GEMs were 72 volt. Only the earliest GEMs and the Trans2 were 48 volt.

I just put in all new deep cell marine batteries. I can run about 10 - 15 minutes and the car won’t go but about 2 mph. We have checked the batteries and they are still showing 13v and the charger shows 97%. What’s up?

there was a recall on controllers 2003 and older… did you have that done… my first thought… do you have a local dealer? if not you can call mine in FL… Lee is at 888-677-4961 with your VIN he can tell you what the recall is and if your car needs it also can send you the parts


Check for hot, loose, corroded connections. “Bright and Tight”

like I have said I have a BMS with the Battsix… OHB posted a photo of his in a FB group… I’m wondering if anyone has ever put an amp meter in their GEM car… I can see the volts my batteries put out but am wondering about the amps… not sure where or how I’d wire it and if I should even care

I’ll do that. We don’t have a local dealer. My husband has been doing most of the maintenance. We called a guy name Richard at Bill Bryan Chrysler that was recommended to us. He was very helpful about our new bearings needed, but when my husband called him about our batteries and he found out they weren’t trojans, he told him he couldn’t help him and hung up. Are they the only king that will work? I researched online and was told we could use the marine batteries??

wait wait… first the year of your car… then what kind of batteries do you have in the car… that could be the root of the problem… you may need Deka Gel batteries… or you need to change the algorithm of the charger… the older cars seem to run on most batteries… as long as they are the group31

I posted photos of the Battsix and pack plotter both are on eBay…

Battsix for Gem Zenn Nevs Battery Pack Gauge Meter Monitors All 6 Batteries | eBay

Packvolts GC Golf Cart Car Battery Voltage Gage Gauge Meter | eBay

It’s a 2003 and we have Autozone 12v deep cell marine batteries. How can you change the algorithm of the charger?

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no! you can’t ask technical questions of me… not sure what the charger in the 03 is… don’t think it’s the same as my 05 which is a Delta Q (don’t think mine can be changed in my case just had to match the battery to the charger … that battery looks like it’s a Duralast and think it’s right for the car… back to saying check on the recall… also make sure your charger IS charging the battery and that the battery has water… also that ALL wires are tight


What kind of battery came out of the cart? Your new batteries are “Flooded”. If your chatger is set on GEL they wont fully charge.

Aquick way to find out is to check the gravity of the fluid an hour after charging. I should be
1265 or higher.

If it’s only in the 1230 area you are under charged.

how to do that…

[quote=eS GEM Colo;23408]the E825 is it a 2 or 4 seat car… if two seat it very well could be a 48v… look at the VIN, the 7th number is the voltage… 3=36v… 4=48v 7=72v the 10th number is the year w=1998… x=1999… y=2000 1 thru 10 are 2001-2010… not sure when Polaris changed the VIN but sometime after 2011


Hi I am new to gems. I recently purchased an 05 4 seater and am in the process of trying to put back together. It is a bit of a project car but have noticed behind the fuse panel where two large orange cables that are disconnected. I didn’t see where they would go but after some research have found that a main converter should be where there is an empty spot. However looking online I can not find that replacement part. Can only locate for a 04 and under. Can you help. Also putting new batteries in it what kind does this model take. They were gone when I got it. Thanks for your help

Do you mean the Power Distribution Panel is missing? (Expensive piece). The easiest way to see what you need is take pictures of the areas your interested in of a running car.

I’m not sure. On the back of my fuse panel has two orange cables labeled mc+ and mc- . It looks like there was a small box attached st one time to the back of the fuse panel and the two cables were sitting there disconnected.