Problem with Bms

Good morning.
I have a problem and I am not able to solve it.

My problem is the following and I would appreciate any help.

I have a bms Chargery 24s

When I connect it to the 24 cells, they all give me the correct value on the chargery screen, except cell 24, which gives me an incorrect value on the screen.

performing the checks with ammeter, the value is different from the one shown in the chargery.

some help ?

I feel my bad English.

Hi, I have a problem with the BMS.
according to your bms, on the screen it shows that the battery 24 is low. But with an ammeter correct mark, the battery is checked and is correct. Why this error?

in this last photo it shows how the battery 24 is at 2.679v and in the amperimeter it is 3.24v.
What is the problem?

Please I need help

you can check;