Plexiglass windshield

I bought my 2000 e825 4 seater and the P.O. Broke the windshield removing it. I am wondering with the cost of replacements so high, has anyone tried to replace a windshield with a piece of plexiglass. It is a simple curve that shouldn’t be to difficult. I did search specific to gen but no luck. so I figure I will go to source.

If you plan on licensing under NEV rules I suggest you check your state’s requirements. As I recall NEV class requires a DOT approved windshield so make sure your replacement will comply. Non compliance might affect any resale value as well. Also, you might check Ebay I think I saw one or two there within the last month or so.

Plexiglass scratches so easily, that you might have problems seeing through it in a couple of months, especially when the sun catches the scratches and reflects.


Just saw NEW windshields on Ebay at $350.

I’m not certain what anyone means by “plexiglass”. But when I ran a windshield on my Harley it was Lexan polycarbonate. If properly maintained, it didn’t scratch unreasonably.
I have no idea what local or state laws are involved in using it.
But from a safety standpoint, I regularly rode the Harley at four or fives times the speed most GEMs can obtain without incident.

You will devalue the cart a minimum of a 1000 bucks or more.

Just checked the National NEV/LSV requirements that are adopted by my state (Washington) and your state (Florida). The reference to windshields calls for “Safety Glazed”. Also you might check but license is required if operated on streets to 35MPH limit. My Gem had been licensed in California so I didn’t have to have a Washington inspection.

There was a listing on craigslist for new and used windshields. A used windshield for $185.
gem electric car (parts)


I will take a look thanks. I see it’s in as I’m in Florida so will have to see about shipping.