Old Bessie is new again

We are GEM car owners…again! YAY!!
I found a GEM car for sale in Phoenix almost 9 years ago. We bought it, & I kept it for 44 wonderful months. I learned a little about batteries, how to charge them, etc. I kept a scrupulous log (I do that for my cars, too) re;charging, repairs, etc.
Altogether, my GEMcar ownership was a wonderful, fun time.I love how quiet it is.And FUN, too.Also fairly cheap to charge up and run, once the initial battery cost is accounted for.(Ouch.)
Unfortunately, we decided to move out of the little,extremely rural town (& I do mean LITTLE) we lived in, to a property just a few miles outside the little town, where our only neighbors have fur & feathers & scales.
(Still with me? There is a point here,believe it or not).
We’ve been here about 45 months now. The whole time, we were in contact with the golfer in the little town who bought my beloved GEM. Last month, he called us, told us his declining health meant a move to Phx, & asked if we wanted to buy the GEM back?Of course, I JUMPED at the chance,especially with the deal he gave us.
Unfortunately, the last few months he’d not even charged the poor things’ batteries. He’d been too sick.
So, here we go down the GEM road again.Huge swallow at the cost of batteries now. Another ouchie. Oh well…
My better half has the idea he wants to use it to “commute” into town, plus he wants to know about using I-ion batteries in the old dear GEM.
Hmm.MAYBE?? Doable?
I love doing research, so here goes.
I am wordy,true, but very glad to be joining this forum,where we hope to learn a LOT about not just our GEM, but hopefully other e-issues involving both cars & motorcycles.
We hope for a great E-vehicle future. (I think they make more sense than the darned gas vehicles do).
Just sign us,
Out in the Boonies,in the BOILING Sun:)