Nissan Leaf cost per mile 1.86 pence Nissan Micra Visia 10.6 pence

It is sometimes difficult to appreciate the cost of filling up your petrol/gasoline vehicle against the cost of recharging an electric car. In the UK the cost of a gallon of petrol is over six pound which equates to around 56.5 mpg for the Nissan Micra Visia. A Nissan Leaf costs around £2.03 for a full charge which will give you around 109 miles of journey capacity.

The comparable cost per mile is:-

  • Nissan Micra Visia 10.6 pence

  • Nissan Leaf 1.86 pence

To put this into perspective, if the price of electric was to rise by 10% per annum and the cost of petrol/gasoline was to remain constant it would take 18 years for the two prices to meet. This puts it all into perspective for UK gasoline/petrol drivers and electric car enthusiast.

  • Notes

Nissan Micra Visia

56.5 mpg (from website)
1 gallon petrol UK = £6.00 (

£6.00/56.5 = 10.6p per mile

Nissan Leaf

109 per full charge (from website)
£2.03 for a full battery charge (

£2.03/109 = 1.86p per mile