Nissan extends free charging promotion

Nissan’s “no charge to charge” promotion has been extended to include 11 new markets including Las Vegas, Cleveland and Detroit. Those who buy or lease a Nissan all-electric vehicle will now be entitled to 2 years of free charging. This seems to be a direct threat to Tesla which was recently forced to admit Tesla Model 3 owners will not receive free charging with their vehicle purchases.

Is charging set to become the next battleground amongst the electric car manufacturers?

Tesla has shown what can be done and it is great to see the likes of Nissan competing directly with the headline grabbers such as Tesla. Competition will bring down costs, increase innovation, increase the number of users and keep the big players on their toes.

All good!

Nissan continues with the free charging but it’s not comparable to Tesla. Nissan charging is level 2. Need to leave your car for 6-8 hrs. Tesla are rapid chargers. 45 minutes and your down the road. Installing a level 2 station at your home makes the most sense.