Newbies & Oldies

We are getting to the point that I feel some of us are starting to know each other.

My request to all of you is to fill out your profile and give us a little bit of information about YOU!

AVATARS. Show your self or your interest in your avatar. Go to “USER CP” in the header and click on “edit avatar” Mark has made it possible to download directly from your computer now so it’s easy. NOTE: you have to size the picture you want to upload to a maximum of 80x80 pixels.

Hope to see of more of you


Added some pictures, but you won’t see much of me.:smiley:

My school!


We had the little room and the BIG room. Thought I was hot **** when I got to the BIG room. 1948

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Glad to see your thread here. Welcome!

Good morning forum members. I’d like to introduce myself to the group. My name is John and and my wife and I live in New Jersey. We are picking up our first ever GEM vehicle. It is a pre-owned 2002 e825 model and we will be the third owners. We intend to use it primarily as a seasonal recreational vehicle at our summer cottage at the New Jersey Shore. Our neighbors have one and we have contemplated acquiring one for the last couple years. We are excited that our grandsons (9 & 6 yrs.) will enjoy riding in it to the beach, fishing, bayside sunsets and of course those ‘ice cream’ treat runs!