New to the Tesla family. Can someone please decode the lexicon for me?

Hello everyone,

The latest mystery to me is “P3D”. Is this just a performance model 3? What is the “D”? Dual? As in dual motor? Well, duh…right? I mean, was there ever a version of 3 performance that wasn’t a dual motor?

I guess I’m just not getting it.

And then there is AP, which sometimes seems to be referring to capabilities that I think of as part of FSD. Or EAP… And SR, SR+, PUP, stealth, and many many more.

I’m guessing this is a classic case of software getting rebundled and renamed such that what a thing (or capability) used to be called is not the same thing anymore, but the new version isn’t QUITE the same since it offers additional stuff, and so on.

Is there a guide to all this mess somewhere out there?

Thank you!

P = Performance
3 = Model
D = Dual Motor (AWD) vs. Single Motor (RWD)
There has not been a P without a D but there is D without P, so they always leave the D on if it is Dual Motor.

SR - Standard Range
SR+ - Medium Range
ER - Extended Range
These replaced the old battery sizes that used to determine driving distance (40,60,75,80,85,90,100)

AP has changed names and functions over the years:
AP in early years was Auto Pilot
EAP was Enhanced Auto Pilot
Now there is AP (basically enhanced cruise control) and Full Self Driving (this will be full autonomous at some point)

Yes, it all got confusing for awhile as they shuffled software packages around but in the long run I think it was the right thing to do. I have a picture somewhere of the feature set changes. I will see if I can find it.