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Hello All

My name is Doug and I am a Car / try something different enthusiast. I like to buy things no one else will touch and try and get them working. So I purchased a LC3 NEV Locally pretty cheap not working and thought maybe I could get it going. It uses a GE IC3645SH7R353E1A controller 72 volt system and Zivan Charger. Of course the batteries were shot so there is no testing upfront. I decided to go in head first and get 10 Nissan Leaf Li batteries ( I got a great deal on new batteries) I have them charged currently to 75 volts and connected to the LC3. I have working lights and 12v system but after cycling the key I get a -16 overvoltage code. The Main contactor will not engage and I get a wonderful continuous beep. So I do not have a wiring diagram for this vehicle and there is not much out there. I did find a 2002 GEM manual online and its very similar along with the GE controller manual but It is only basic diagnostics. Is there a work around for the overvoltage code?
Has anyone gone into the controller to repair this fault? Could it be the Li batteries? I am measuring 75 volts at the controller and both sides of the contactor coil leads. Any help or guidance would be very appreciated .

Thanks, Doug

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How much do you trust your meter?
Did you stop charging prematurely?
75 volts is very low for 20s lithium.
Voltage can go to 84v which is close to error -16.

If reading is correct, turn the lights on and find the point that clears error code. It’s unlikely that it’s bad but may have shifted a few volts.

I believe voltage in controller is referenced to 5v supply on pin #9.
Function 15 may be set wrong according to manual. In practice I’ve seen no difference if it is.

Thanks for the quick reply
I have a calibrated Fluke meter so I think its pretty accurate. The batteries I got from a friend who is in the battery business for cars. He actually has lots of Leaf batteries for whatever reason. So anyway he charged them for me first because I was not sure I can even get this machine to work. If I could get it to function then I was going to get a BMS and have the charger modified.

I thought it was strange that it has a -16 code at 75 volts.

Should I check pin #9 for 5v? is that a scale something like 2.5-5v?

As for function 15 I do not have the tool to check that. Is there some software I can get?

thanks again,

Assuming that E1 is similar to T1, pin one over 84 volts at turn on, can give -16 code.
Measure right from B- on control to pin one. Although I can’t think of any way it could be high.
Yes, pin 9 should be near +5 and pin 15 +10-12v.
Pin 9 can be measured easily at motor sensor plug “black” to “red”. Test it when unplugged.
Some early models use 5v, so don’t be too concerned.

Ge sentry sw can be borrowed.
I make cables for T1 and a universal one that works with all models.
I don’t know if the lower cost T1 works with E1. Chances are that it will.
I would lend you one to find out.

Everything points at controller issue. It seems a strange failure mode.
If you can get it to work at a lower voltage, there may be a back door fix to get you running.
You should be safe running pack down to 68 volts.

The ZENN Car used the GE E1 controller.


Similar to T1?
Any ideas on -16 ?

You guys are great. I will work on it more tomorrow, it’s getting pretty late here.

I like the challenge and I think you guys do also.