New template issue?

On the new forum I get this. The links are dead. This can’t be right.

Yes no it doesn’t show that on mine

Hi Guys,
Apologies for the skewed look - we are currently working on updates. If you get those kind of images please refresh the page a couple of times. If that doesn’t work you might need to clear down your browser cache and temporary internet files.

I will post a message when we are done with the upgrades.

I tested it on my Mobile Devices and my Computers and the format comes up pretty good.

I did test it on one of my fully cached computers and I noticed the issue as well. I cleared everything for the website and it came up fine again. See if that helps.

It has returned to normal on it’s own. I did try to refresh it a few times while it was happening to no avail.

Lookin’ good today. And there seems to be a bit more posting going on lately too! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’m nearly done with the updates. Still a few menus I need to sort out and then buttons and colours. So there might be a few more strangeties (like the menu in the right column :slight_smile: ). I will post when its all done.