Gem snow Video test

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Testing to see if pasting a video URL works.
I’m impressed.
This new forum may be OK! :slight_smile:

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@Inwo - more to come…thanks for the vote of confidence!

DATA WILL BE MIGRATED BY THIS TIME TOMORROW! - Just looked at it on another server and the migration test run was a success.

Will keep you posted,


Interesting video. I still don’t like the new “fourm” but I’ll stick it out.

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Thank you @Laslonimne - with any luck, the members will make all the difference.

The new data will be added soon. I’ve been playing around with a backup version and I can tell you that the forum feels completely different when there is more content on the site. Suddenly many of the features come to life and you can get to more of the content with greater ease.

Please don’t hesitate in letting me know if there is anything I can help you with. To the degree that I am able to, I want to ensure the forum grows on you.

Have a nice weekend.