Youtube video test


ok if this works all you do is post the link and it will automatically show the video.

If you want to add youtube video to any post just past the url .

>>>>[B]Do not ad the embed code it will not work[/B].<<<<<

Ok I have been reading the information about the video script, this program for ev forum should also play…

[li]YouTube[/li][li]Google Video[/li][li]MySpace Video[/li][li]MetaCafe Video[/li][li]Yahoo Video[/li][li]Koreus Video[/li][li]Sapo Video[/li][li][/li][li]Live Leak[/li][li]Photobucket[/li][li]Gametrailers[/ol]just let me know if their is any that dont seem to work and I will take them off the list.[/li]

Here lets give it a try. I found this guy’s video’s on youtube. this is the first of many he has posted following his conversion. enjoy!

[](Gav’s Conversion)

Heres the second one now that I know that worked.

awesome thats really nice i’m used to having to do stuff like [you tube]link[/ youtube] for stuff like this :smiley:

Ya this is really nice and convienient. Nice Job!