Transition updates & feedback

Two new topics were created on our new platform today. As you are able and willing, please give us your feedback on the two decisions we face this week.

The transition gives us a unique opportunity to affirm or rethink…lets do both.

See you on the other side.

Email invited me to claim my username.

How do I do that?

I think I found it.

Yes, you are now live on the new site. Excellent!

Could not log in after redirect.
From bookmarks, I arrived here already logged in.
I’m afraid to log out to test it again…

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Give it a go. My email: in case you need me to resent invitation to site.

Bookmark this site:

Thank you for putting up with “transition” issues.

Grant can’t get in either.

ok, I will send Grant an email. But you are good right?

Do you know if Grant is under handle: grantwest?

Not from redirect…

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@pfaffman - See screen shot. Lend us your thoughts.

@Inwo - How did you resolve? did you click on “I forgot my password”?

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@Inwo - But you can no long in at will correct?

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Right, I had bookmarked the forum from when I first logged in.
When I visit from bookmark, I’m good to go.

I’ll try “forgot pw” link.

It just works now.
Didn’t change anything.
It WAS an issue.


EXCELLENT. Any word from Grant?

May lose him…

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Yep, I have not heard from him and I did follow up and did make myself available.

Anything else I can do to spur him on?