New BMS-24 test

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As we know many people use lithium battery or lipo battery without BMS and charging by balancer.
I want to say balancing battery will cause battery fire more easy than no balance.

Im an engineer of electric chemistry technic, and work on making lithium ion cells and packs for more than 10years, now i just make battery packs only with good quality cells.

Why cells are easy fire by balance charging?
First, there must be differece between each cell in a pack, all cells just are most simillar and will not be same never. We just see same capacity and same voltage and same inner insistance, users just can measure this three parameter. But we do not know some defect in production process. In fact there must be some defect plastic saperator with tiny hole packed inside cells, and also there is small thorn on the edge of anode and cathode, these two causes short circuir inside cells. This short circuit will be aggravated more and more serious by charging and discharge, after some cycles we will find some cell different voltage from others, the difference comes from the inside tiny short circuit and resistance change. At this time if the difference is huge, we should stop using battery again, and change a new. If charging the bad cell with balancer, we will not know which is the dead one, and charge and discharge time after time, finally the tiny short circuit becomes real short circuit, so fire must be caused.

So hope you guys do not balance cells again, and BMS is necessary for battery, if your battery works well without BMS, it is just matter of time or you are the lucky one.

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