Need T2 Motor Controller for GEM

I’m looking for a T2 motor controller for a 2002 gem. Also would like to find a good motor if someone has it available.

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I have a spare T2 I can part with.

I’ll pm you tomorrow

where are you located?

Riverside California

I’ve got a 7.5HP blue R4F motor I got from Rodney a while back and with my 2002 having a T1 I’ve been apprehensive with installing it. I’m in San Diego.

How much do you want for it?

I’m interested, let me know

Sent you a PM this morning.

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I have a rebuilt 3.5 that came out of my 2002. Rebuilding the motor wasn’t enough power to pull 4 people around our steep hills. Ran us just fine on the flats. Can’t have but a 100 miles on it since the rebuild last summer.
100 plus shipping and it’s yours.

Thanks for the offer but I already picked up a 7.5 hp motor from dougl

Hey there, I know this is an older thread. Just curious if you ever parted ways with your T2 controller. Tim

Thanks for asking. That T2 went to John.

May have another one soon if I decide to part out my old 02 eL.