anyone heard from him …i have called and called but with no luck…hope he is ok…:confused::confused:

he hasn’t answered my e-mails… not sure what has happened to him

mine either…i have called him and sent him messages…i hope he is ok he has been a huge help to me…i was going to order some stuff from him but cant get ahold of him…my buddy is looking for a new controller and i need to get mine reprogramed…

Marlon was involved in a car accident recently that required hospitalization. I and many here hope he gets well soon. I am sure once he is back on his feet he will be back to helping us all on our cars. Pleas have positive thoughts for him, his family, and for a speedy recovery

lvzfyr thanks for the update on Marlon


what I have learned about Marlon’s condition from a post on the NEV group on yahoo…

“There was a very good reason for Marlon “disappearing” for awhile – the car he was driving was squished by a rock-hauler semi, resulting in a long hospital stay. His wife asked me to post that he is healing, albeit slowly, and his brother, who has worked on GEMs for years with him, is playing catchup on controllers that were waiting for Marlon’s attn. Send texts to his cell - 619-247-4044. His wife and bro will be checking it. And, a few prayers would be a fine idea.”


Prayer going his way…