Marlon of MZ Motorsports

Greetings and help, please. Bought tires, wheels and gears from Marlon Zendejas of MZ Motorsports. Smooth transaction with lots of communication. Then sent him my controller for reprogramming. No contact from him since Sept 6 when he sent a text saying he’d received it, despite many texts and calls from me.

I’m more concerned than anything else, because this seems way out of character. His postal store won’t provide any info and I have no clue how to track him down in Chula Vista, CA. Anybody know emergency contact numbers or if he’s okay? Thanks for any info you might have.

Jeff 417-549-0997

well i have also been trying to get ahold of him in a bad way with no luck…good luck

good luck!!:juggle:

There was a very good reason for Marlon “disappearing” for awhile – the car he was driving was squished by a rock-hauler semi, resulting in a long hospital stay. His wife asked me to post that he is healing, albeit slowly, and his brother, who has worked on GEMs for years with him, is playing catchup on controllers that were waiting for Marlon’s attn. Send texts to his cell - 619-247-4044. His wife and bro will be checking it. And, a few prayers would be a fine idea.

Welcome back, Marlon. Had a bunch of folks worried for you.
Jeff - Dr J

Well this was great to here he is still around… hope he heals quick

Great guy and very helpful for members of our group. We wish him a speedy recovery. Keep the rubber on the road.