does anyone know if Marlon is back where we can get stuff from him?? gonna get some different gears…

Spent an hour on the phone with him a week ago. He’s back 100%

Noticed you have 6 to 1 gears with 17" Wheels. Isn’t that a bit much? Whats your range?

How good are your brakes with that big of wheels?


yea its a lot of gear…it will fly I can run about 41/42 mph on flat ground …I built it for speed but now I want to do some different things…as for the range I couldn’t tell ya as I don’t runt it for long periods of time …most of the time I am at the lake just cursing around…about 10 miles a weekend with no problems…stopping is not a problem but I know I need to slow a little sooner…prob gonna go with a 8 to 1 …I have a few hills that I want climb and I also pull my sea doo to the boat ramp …6 to 1 gears with a stock motor is very hard to pull hills and the sea doo…

what number do you have for Marlon …I have an old number but its been a while …and not sure if its the same…I want to get the gears from him…

we are gonna do a 4th parade and gotta get the GEM where its the talk of the parade…i may even pull my sea doo in the parade…this will be the second parade and its pretty big. there was about 200 carts and side by sides…all small stuff no cars or trucks…


With those big wheels I’d go 12.44

I still have the stock gears that are 12.1 to 1…I was gonna pick his brain and see if he thought I needed to go back with the stock…I will still get the install kit from him he was a huge help when doing the mods. I like the speed but I want to do things so gotta be sensible about things


With the stock gears you can still do 30 with your big wheels, with out blowing up the motor. You will have more pulling power.