Maintenance Schedule 2002 E2?

Hello all,

I know about battery maintenance, brakes, etc. but dont know and have not found any documents on any other maintenance like on motor or the like. Anyone have info on this? Unlike gas motors i get that electric probably doesnt need much, but thought i would ask as i want to ensure my rig keeps running…It only has 57 hours and a 1k+ miles so i know it hasn’t been run much but still want to make sure as sitting all those years i am sure paid a toll somewhere. Runs great now though…

Looking at doing motor, programming and disk brakes next year.

I’m not familiar with a printed maintenance schedule for the early carts. There are a few zerk fittings I believe to grease, changing brake fluid every few years*, brushes wear and need replacing. My 2002 has about 1800 miles and has been pretty trouble free since I bought at 600 a few years ago.

*European car makers tend to schedule brake fluid changes every 2 years, in my experience domestic manufacturers never or seldom offer up a time interval. If you run it in a moist region changing fluid isn’t a bad idea, though it’s a pretty low impact use in any case.