Looking for new studs (for my wheels :) ) for my 2001 gem cart

Hi All,

A stud broke when changing wheels and retightening. Does anyone know where to find new studs (I assume they are 10x125). NevAccessories sells 10mm used studs but doesn’t mention any other specifications.

Are the studs universal for the 2001-2005 carts?

Thanks, All.

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That is totally not what I was expecting to hear after reading the title …

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You got me…

I guess I need those too.

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Earlier Gems, not sure where it changed but…some have 10mm some have 12mm. I just upgraded to new wheels and learned that mine were not 10mm as i thought. They are actually 12x1.5 as i needed new lug nuts to go with wheel upgrade. I didnt have an broken studs, but i am sure they are typical especially if they are 12’s. 10’s seem much more rare. My new spline nuts were right off the rack at Auto Zone, so would assume the the studs could be from any auto parts store too. When you run out of options always check out Napa as they can have basically everything. Still the stores that can use books! but probably not a lot of gem knowledge.

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My 2002 were all 10mm but after doing the front disc brake conversion the spacer used in the front had 12mm lugs in it. It came with 12mm lug nuts so no problem. So I had 12mm studs in the front and stock 10mm studs in the rear.

After I went with wheels from a Prius I removed the front spacer and the new front bearing which also came with the disc brake kit also had 12mm studs and I moved the spacer to the rear making that 12mm studs exposed to the wheels.


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