Looking for a new Car

Anyone know anything about the Street Car 2 + 2?

hi Gene… welcome… not sure what you’re looking for… Street car 2 +2… are you looking for a GEM car or golf cart? 2x2 as in a four place car?

The Street Car is a Street Legal golf Cart. The main thing that I am looking for is four passenger with both seat facing forward. The GEM Car looks good but it has a lot of bad maintenance history.

I answered this in your post ‘Durability’… you say that GEM car lot of bad maintenance history… what and where are you getting that… yes they do break… they are machines… be more specific with that comment…


Bad history may have been a poor choice of words. The forum has a lot of questions about problems, if Google GEM complaints there are a lot listed. I live at Carolina Beach with parking under the building. I have had a Star 4 passenger it went one year and a half and a Cite 4 passenger both are money pits compared a 2009 Hyundai that was bought two years before the Star that has the oil change twice a year and one set of tires that dry rotted. The Hyundai cost less than either?

Gene… I think the Star and Cite are both Chinese built cars… they may have been put together in the US but components were manufactured in China with no long term track record… the GEM car history goes back to 1992 with Chrysler buying the production company in 1998 and rolling the first GEM out in 1999 built in Fargo ND… today GEM car is a Polaris company and GEM cars are built in Iowa… my car is an '05 eS (truckette)… guess it’s a ‘money pit’ as I’ve added things to it… I drive it daily and have had days that I’d like to kick it to the curb… mostly because I didn’t call a dealer about recalls on the car or made a bad battery decision… maybe my mechanic was too easy to get to and since he moved his shop a few miles out of my daily path… he really misses my money… and I’m having more fun with my car… over the last year my and probably everyone else here’s biggest expense has been batteries… if you don’t buy a BAD car to start out with… you will have a lot of fun with a GEM car… do your homework when looking at a used car… I’m more than happy to look over your shoulder on anything you might find… if you have questions the Forum members are pretty quick to chime in… GEMmechanic is very knowledgeable on GEM cars and watches the new posts as do the rest of us… I have a great parts guy at GEMpartsdirect.com… Lee has a toll free number and car check a VIN for recalls… call him before you pay for a car… we are all here to help each other…


Thanks Bob, I feel like I have been had twice. I love the car when it runs if you look at the components; it is not a complicated thing. Why are they so delicate? All the ferrous parts, You can’t wash it because the electrical parts are not protected. The wiring is not covered if it is corrosion is the problem. The industry should be ashamed that warranties are no better than they are.