Looking for a GEM car

I’m always keeping my eye out for GEM cars as I am asked about where to find one…

I’ve found some sites…

Noel has more than GEM cars listed here…


this site is a little weak… know if you search Craigslist in an area you can find more but he does hit the high points… if searching CL add a T to car as well…

GEM cars for sale

a couple of car sites

GEM - Used Cars for Sale - Carsforsale.com

Used GEM Cars for sale - ads at CarTruckTrader.com

I’ve found some auctions… although most cars need a lot of work… there might be a find from time to time… some of these may want you to join

No Search Results Found - Government Liquidation motor car (GEM)

Government Surplus Auctions - GovDeals.com

Public Surplus: Electric

Vehicles - Cars Trucks Vans | Property Room

Results for global+motor+car at Item Search at GovernmentAuctions.org in Naples, Pompano Beach, Lowell, Houston, Cape Canaveral, Houston, Lockbourne, Houston, Lockbourne, Fort Benning, Houston, Scottsdale, Oklahoma City – Showing Items 1 to 25