Lithium Batteries 4 Golf Carts

Group discussion about types lithium batteries for golf carts . Reviews of models and fixes

Are you trying to start a discussion? If so, then this is a very wide open topic.
36, 48, 72V or beyond? What cart? What footprint are you working with?

(Might want to narrow it down a bit)

Do you have a specific need or issue?
What is your skill set?

Most new battery systems for carts are at the 48v . pretty sure lithium batteries are at 48V with the larger offroad version some are heading towards 72 volts.

The topic is lithium batteries and it’s up to the user to define voltage needs of a lithium battery.

Btw what does NEV stand for?


Ken R

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Around here it means Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Sometimes also referred as a Low Speed Vehicle are both in a class of cars recognized by a state motor vehicle department and registered to drive on some streets and the surrounding communities…

These cars are fun to drive and tend to generate miles of smiles and many a friendly wave and single digit salutes from the bounty of cars stuck behind them on single lane roads.


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Lithium batteries can be almost any voltage, most of the times in multiples of ~4v.
I run almost 100v in my cart as do many on this forum, we have found that many carts preform better with a slight or even large increase from the factory voltage. But be aware in most case many other items in the cart need upgraded to handle the increased voltage (i.e. DC/DC converter, charger, controller, etc).

NEV was a new one.
Our NEV arrives from assembly location as LSV with a Certificate of Origin which allows it to titile in any state