Lifted e4 battery life and speed

Hi, I am new to the forum. I’ve recently purchased an 06 e4 with lift and 23” tires, upgraded motor/controller. I am very green when it comes to these gems/electric vehicals.
My concern is the ride time.
I am getting and 6 miles before turtle mode
I am also only getting a max speed of 26-27 mph. I am on flat streets with only a driver.
I’ve done a little bit of research on here before joining. I could not find any help with this.
Is this expected because of the larger tires? Thanks.

You most likely have old batteries, most common failure. How old are they and most important did they get proper use while they got to there age. Like did the batteries get used and left fully charged or left on the charger while not being used for long periods of time.

Thanks for helping out. They are new decka gel batter dates 1/18. Ive used the car about once every two weeks. Between then it sits on the charger.

Fist thing, take each battery cable off and make sure they are clean and free of debris. Then make sure they are tight (very tight) when you put them on. As soon as one of my terminals gets the slightest bit loose my total miles drops to under 5-8 in a hilly area. Mine is lifted and on big tires. I snug them all down and bingo, its back…

If that does not work read all the threads about batteries, individually charging and how to correctly test them. This site is full of that information.

Awesome. Thank you! I will check all connections and keep browsing. Im new to the forum it is very informational!

Some E-6’s
Have 6 12v Battery’s and other E-6’s have 9-8volt battery’s

I have 6 12v. I bought the gem from IMS

How old are your current battery’s

A stock E-4 with brand new Battery’s will barley get 12-15 miles with 6-12vt batterys.

The larger heavier lifted E-6 you would be lucky to get 10-12 miles with new battery’s

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Batteries are 4 months old

Heresy, IMS gets 25-40 miles and 5 year life. :slight_smile:

I would like to buy a set of FLA battery’s that get 20 Miles these must be some amazing battery’s please sign me up