Leisger electric bicycle and scooter

Hi, everybody,

I’m Aaron from Jinling-Leisger Vehicle Manufactoring Co., Ltd.
Our main products are electric bicycle and electric scooter. We have 2 factrories, 1 in China and another one in India, we export our products all over the world.
Now the market is good worldwide, here i sincerely invite you join this business to expand the market together.
you can find more on our website: http://www.leisger.com/

Best Regards,


what kind of pricing on these scooters? if its decent with shipping i’d think about picking one or 2 up…

I don’t know if it’s the same product or not, but autobloggreen has a blurb about a Chinese electric scooter in the $2000 range.

I’d keep in mind the reputation of Chinese products and research the product [B]extremely well [/B]before plunking my money down.

We have exported our products to more than 20 countries, and we have an Indian factory with our India friends, our company is different with other Chinese factories, quite a small one, but 90% of our products sale worldwidely.

about the price range:
electric bicycle with lead-acid battery: USD250-USD350
electric bicycle with Li-ion battery: USD450-USD800
electric scooter(350w):USD250-USD400
electric scooter(500w):USD350-USD500

Anyone interested in it, you can send me e-mail: cy_aaron@hotmail.com