Where did you buy electronic scooters

Hello Friends,

I see two wheel electronic scooter (hoverboards) are becoming very popular these days. I see people drive on the electronic scooter everyday on the way home or to work. I found some online store selling electronic scooters . Where do you buy the electronic scooters, do you buy from china or just local stores ? Could you give a recommendation ?

im really into little electric vehicles. i would recommend this website for their [link removed] selection. they also have an [link removed] depends on your style of short distance electric transport. but i think they could do better with their english translation haha

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how i am i self promoting something that i dont own? i was saying has good prices for electric skateboards and electric scooters. this thread is a guy asking a question about where to get a good deal on an electric scooter… if i cant share a link and my opinion, i don’t see the use of being a member of this forum. he can also check out . maybe i am jack ma and im also self promoting my website who knows?

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thanks. didnt know this forum system was such ****. me and 2 other buddies will promptly unregister and go somewhere else where we can communicate freely. good luck

We thought you might be a team.



With all of the instances of hoverboards catching fire, I would suggest looking into something like the Ninebot.
Personally, I think they’re cooler than hoverboards.
I found them on the NinebotUS website.

Some of our Swagtron hover-boards can be purchased at Best Buy or even Amazon. If you wanted to purchase directly through us, we usually offer exclusive discounts. https://swagtron.com/electric-scooter/

It’s an old post, but if still, anyone looks how to choose electric scooter then I’ll suggest https://fluidfreeride.com/blogs/news/finding-best-electric-scooter-for-commute, here you can learn about electrical scooter features…

Well, there are lots of online retailers present in the electric scooter market, but the quality they provide is questionable. I myself have tried some of these online shops and left disappointed, then i came across freemotion a leading adult electric scooter selling company which is based out of Canada. The electric scooters and e unicycle they sell are 100 percent genuine products and that too at an affordable price.

The scooters are manufactured in korea and are of premium quality. Some of the bestseller scooters of freemotion are currus nf, currus panther and dualtron compact. you can also try out their other electric gears and accessories which are available no their website as well.