Kid driving Ferrari in India goes viral!

How crazy is this :-

[ame=]ferrari kidz @shoba city thrissur kerala - YouTube[/ame]

WOW that’s a cool video and the kid is ready for hitting someone with his Ferrari’s lip. But its against the rules that a kid is driving on road. I think he should wait until he is 18 +… Anyhow nice sharing.

Hi Carter

It seems that the father of the boy was arrested by the police just a few hours after the video went viral on YouTube - the power of the internet lol



Well if you share it online what do you expect? :slight_smile:

His father certainly shot himself in the foot there - what else could the police do lol

can not seen the video

That is incredible. Surely, he is driving somewhere far from a police patrol. This kid does not look 18 or 21 to drive a full-blown Ferrari. It is a cool video, regardless. His parents must have trusted him a lot for this or they are just too rich to live away with such an expensive car.

They must be really rich

Wow haha that was hilarious

That’s crazy!