Unbelievable Car

I have something unbelievable for you - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48C_EvKDVEw]YouTube - Polish Tuning[/ame]
this is what I like the most in small cars - they are unexpectable :]

no c’mon :slight_smile: riding with a huge amount of people in a small car is not really that unbelievable :slight_smile: but what this car does is for sure :slight_smile:

I got a good laugh from this it is worth seeing a couple of times.

for sure all of us will think twice before making laugh of any car :wink:

[QUOTE=rockroad005;7558]Yeah I’m agree, I just said that because for me it’s unbelievable to ride all guys in small car, well that is just my opinion. But still what car does is cool.

I still don’t quite understand why it’s unbelievable, but I agree about the “coolness” of this car :wink:

Haven’t you seen the movie"Transformers ".Nothing to be surprise but I like it.
Where does A-1 Auto Transport ship cars to?

I have seen it in Transformers but is this video is authenticate ?