AC motor controllers, BMS, fast chargers

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce this forum members to our company’s production, since just recently we finished main tests of it on road. Currently there are tens of cars running with our manufactured electric propulsion system, some of them have beaten 40’000 km of total distance. As one of the experiments Toyota Aygo with our cotroller and motor took part in slalom competition, placed 2nd, and was beaten only by Honda CRX, EV slalom. Also there was a bigger and heavier vehicles remade to be used with our production, there is small drag test of Iveco Daily with installed electric propulsion system versus to 2.8 tdi VW [ame=]75KW Electric powered Iveco Daily vs 2.8 tdi VW - YouTube[/ame]. Audi A2 EV made using Amperbox-75 and other our products - Marius’ 2002 Audi A2

At this moment we are offering:
75KW 3-phase AC electric propulsion system with motor - 4500 Euro. Controller (3500 Euro) and motor (1000 Euro) can be sold separately if needed. Requirements for motor to be used with our system is provided below.
BMS - 12 Euro per cell + 300 Euro for Master unit (includes CAN - Bluetooth module for your smartphone or tablet connection in order to configurate and monitor system details).
Fast charger - 2000 Euro (144 V battery pack charger 100 A (20 min max.), 75 A (1.5 h 0 to 80% of 100 Ah battery pack) and 50 A charge rates. IMPORTANT - ONLY 380V 3 PHASE SUPPLY

Besides individual modules for EV conversation we are offering Toyota Prius gen 2 (2003-2009) conversation to plug-in hybrid package, which includes:
Car controller
1.5 KW charger
Package cost - 2350 Euro.

All our production is covered with 1 year warranty
All our prices are for parts only, shipping, taxes and ect. are not included.

In order to introduce our company’s production we offer 3 propulsion systems with special prices:
Controller - 2900 Euro, motor - 850 Euro, so only 3750 Euro for system total.

Some details on our production:

“Amperbox-75” 3-phase AC motor controller:
Supply Voltage - 144V
Maximum delivered power - 75KW
Analog signal acceleration and regeneration control
CAN 2.0 connectivity - information provided from controller over CAN connection
[INDENT]# Main battery pack voltage[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# Main battery pack current[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# 12V system voltage[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# motor revolutions per minute[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# controller temperature[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# motor temperature[/INDENT]
Integrated internal contactor
Water cooled
Heavy duty aluminium case - high fire, EMF and mechanical resistance
High efficiency due to MOSFET transistors used instead of IGBT

3-phase AC motor
70 - 150 KW power
100 - 300 Nm torque
up to 10’000rpm
58 - 85 Kg weight
112, 132 and 160 industrial sizes
Custom made AC motors have to be rewound to 40-50V (50Hz), no less than 25mm^2 (best results more than 30mm^2) cross-section of windings. Rotation sensor must be hall, tooth number 12-16.

Working and measuring Voltage range: 2.1 - 4.5 V
Measuting temperature range: -40 - 80 *C
Supply current - 3mA
Max supported cells count - 64
External communication - CAN 2.0

  • BMS controller comes with CAN - Bluetooth converter and application for smartphone or tablet PC (Android) for system configuration and detailed monitoring

Fast charger
Supply voltage - 3 phase 380V
3 charging modes:
[INDENT]# 100A - Use for up to 20min, requires 380V 18KW instalation capabilities.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# 75A - 0% to 80% of 100Ah battery pack in 90min, requires 380V 14KW instalation capabilities.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]# 50A - for longer than 2 hours charging time, requires 380V 10KW instalation capabilities.[/INDENT]
Controlled by BMS
Charger overheating protection
Battery pack overcharging protection
Size - 300x300x500(mmmmmm)
Weight - 50Kg

Toyota Prius gen 2 (2003-2009) conversation to Plug-in HYBRID kit
Our conversion kit enables you to increase 2nd gen Toyota Prius hybrid clutch system efficiency. After conversation Prius can cover 50-70 Km range only using energy stored in batteries and car is acting just like official Prius Plug-in hybrid. Under drivers choice Toyota Prius with installed our conversation kit can use one of two modes: electric (when priority is to use energy stored in batteries) or usual (one as before conversation). In case if Toyota Prius conversation it is highly recommended to replace existing battery pack to LiFePO4 battery.
Conversation kit includes:
Car controller
1.5 KW charger

Attached our controller driven motor performance test and acceleration graph of Iveco Van which you saw in video above.

If any question will rise about our production please ask here or over email:,

I would like to apologize for current lack of information in English language, it is currently being translated. Hopefully soon we will be able provide detailed user manuals and more videos on our products.


Hello everyone,

Adding Amperbox-75 controller spectifications.

Also would like to inform that soon our company will move from JonElis cover and will be named “MJ amperonics”. In next few weeks we should be able to finally launch our home page. Also in next couple months our production will expand and we will have few lower power AC controllers, also with their own motors, later on we will add 2 KW charger and Li-S BMS.

So far what is known that lower power AC controllers we will be rated for 12, 18 and 36 KW (36 KW version is planed to be released at end of 2013), they all will be air and/or water cooled, motors for 12 and 18 KW systems will weight 16 Kg, 36 - 29 Kg. Controllers weights: 12 and 18 KW - 1.5Kg, 36 KW - 4Kg. Estimated price 12 KW version - 900 Euro, 18 KW - 1200 Euro, 36 KW should be up to 2000 Euro, but might be little less.

BMS should be ready for production in autumn.

If anyone have any questions, please let me know, will try to answer them ASAP.


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