IT electric car

While walking my dogs, I noticed a guy with an IT electric car. He said it was built in Canada in 2002 before the company was sold and moved to Canada. It looks pretty much stock except he replaced the wheels with golf cart wheels which make them stick out past the fenders. He wants $1500 and it needs new batteries. Any thoughts or suggestions?

hi Diggs and welcome… good news is that the Dynasty company is still alive… the bad news is it’s in Pakistan… things might go great UNTIL you brake something… with no dealer support you are sitting with a car and out $1500… I’d pass if it was me… have no idea about the motor… charger or controller if they go away you might be chasing all over for them… then there are brakes… lights and a bunch of other stuff and again you are stuck… it might be a cute car but I strongly suggest you look at a GEM car before buying this car… you can find a used GEM car for $2000-$5000in good shape… maybe not in your area but can get it shipped via uShip reasonably… need help PM me and I’m happy to look over your shoulder and show ones that I’d buy… your in VA… without looking I would think there are probably 10 GEMs for sale within 50miles… look as far as FL and bet there are 30… check Craigslist

Dynasty Electric Vehicle
Address:F-8, S.I.T.E., Avenue, Karachi, Pakistan 75700
Phone:+92-21-38691701 (+5 Hours GMT)


Thanks Bob, I’ll check out the GEM and would appreciate you looking over my shoulder if I go down that road,


That’s a great price.

Grab it.

It’s super easy to reprogram to go 40 mph.

Runs so much better than the GEM. (I also have a reprogrammed GEM which I love, so this is no slight to the GEM – mine is the E2 with surfracks and a trailor hitch for bikes). I also put a hitch on the Dynasty It Car as well.

If you have any questions, just post them and I’ll fake a couple of answers. I have had mine about 6 months, paid over twice that amount and I love it.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

jbsocdelica… welcome and thanks for coming to the rescue as well as being the resident Dyanasty goto guy… maybe Diggs will still be able to grab that car



I have a Dynasty IT car and I have some layout questions on the batteries. I also wanted to know if I could get more details on how to reprogram the motor controller to get the higher speed.