Israeli start-up tests new on-board EV generator

Israeli start-up Aquarius Engines has announced a partnership with PSA Group (the manufacturer of Peugeot, Citron and DS cars) which could have major ramifications for the electric car industry. This new technology will allow battery-powered vehicles to be recharged mid travel but the main attraction is the significant weight reduction of this new generator.

While so-called range extenders are not necessarily the long-term answer to more efficient pure electric vehicles they will certainly have a role to play.

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Peugeot tests Israeli range-extender technology in electric car push | Reuters

The size and weight of EV batteries is key to the future of EVs - they will reduce in size and weight while becoming more powerful just as we saw with computer processors in the past.

Free Piston Generator technology has been around for a long time. Trouble is it’s 2 cycle and lube has to be mixed with the Petrol. Hard to meet emissions requirements.

This is why we have Hybrids.

If you need range it’s stupid to bootstrap a generator on an EV

Fair comment lol