Is it my controller

HAVE A 2000 GEM CAR WITH 2 year TROJAN FLOODED BATTERIES. OVER THE SUMMER HAD A FEW ISSUES GOING UP A SMALL IN CLINE MAYBE 1/4 MILE LONG CAR WAS CHARGED BUT THEN WOULD DIE. Would need to turn key off then on to limp up hill. Just recently the reading on percent of charge seems be very random. Charge over night and it reads only 50% charged. Other times it reads 100% but then drive it and decreases very quickly or does not decrease and can drive for miles on flat roads but going up a incline it drops quickly. did not take notice of error codes. Any thoughts?

hi MPT and welcome… have you checked the voltage of each battery? although I’m not a mechanic and just drive my car… I’d look at the batteries before thinking it’s a controller problem…


will do/ giive me a few days and I’ll get back to you with results

Water levels good

Have dela q charger and all looks good with that shows has power and moves up after a while to 80 percent charged

Battery 5 looks bad. Could that impact the cart that much

Also when just test driving a little bit battery charge went down on dash read out and then cart cut out and error code 11 came up. But cart was slowing down already

I agree, replace number 5.